New Year New You

So many of us make new year’s resolutions that we hope to keep.

Let’s focus on the top three building blocks for lasting success:

  • Daily scientific eatingEating scientifically means you are not just counting calories, but you are also giving your cells enough time and raw materials to build the kind of an enzyme surplus that will help prevent disease. Step One: limit or avoid citric acid in beverages & food products. Step Two: limit or avoid corn & nuts in food products. Step Three: Learn the diseases that run in your family and limit or avoid the health disruptors that trigger them. If you need help grocery shopping or menu planning, add the books, What to Consume or Delicious Cooking to your library.
  • Practice Self-CareWhether we are family caregivers, neighbors, parents, etc. we often choose to (or need to) put the needs of others above our own. Unfortunately, neglecting our mental, emotional and other health needs adds to the breakdown of the very person entrusted to care for someone. Use daily positive self-affirmations and weekly intake of either lamb, bison, or small navy beans to maintain your mental health.
    For emotional health, remove all sources of negativity, create 15 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself daily, and start a weekly creative exercise such as writing, drawing or volunteering. Bonus: the weekly intake of lamb, bison or small navy beans (you enjoy to boost your mental health) have the raw materials needed to boost your emotional strength as well.
  • An Attitude of Gratitude- When there are too many troubling life events, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with sadness or even helplessness. In those moments (or days) of frustration, remember that all solutions are already within you. Write down ten things you are grateful for right now (life, the ability to think for yourself, your favorite color or childhood memory, etc.). Choose to say these ten things out-loud whenever life gets overwhelming.

This exercise will lift your spirits and help you create the positive energy needed to see your way out of the situation. After all, “Too many people depend on outside sources for happiness. While everyone experiences trauma, we must choose to focus on the joys in life to overcome them,” Dr. Maxwell Nartey (founder of Symptometry). 

 Healthy Longevity Within Your Reach


Through Symptometry we now know that one of the main causes of illness is malnourished cells. Unfortunately, toxic cells reproduce each other, which create the perfect breading ground for serious ailments. To ensure healthy longevity in your family take advantage of:

(1) Root Cause Radio Weekly Podcasts

(2) Online Disease Prevention Program at the American School of Symptometry (CLICK HERE NOW)

Summer Time Favorites

3 Summer Time Favorites that can do more HARM than Good

We all want to be healthy year-round. Often, we need tips and tools on how to stay on track. Well summer time is here and so is Symptometry, to guide you through this season. We all know the basics but certain activities and behaviors tend to increase during the warmer months. The top 3 are alcohol consumption, detoxing or dieting and outdoor activity engagement. By taking a closer look at these three we will be able to pursue optimal health even through the hot weather.

Alcohol– Any consumption of an alcoholic beverage will deplete our bodies of essential nutrients. Therefore, the more alcohol we consume, the more nutrients we are loosing. The main vitamin lost is Vitamin B. When our cells don’t have enough B vitamins, there are side affects. Without B vitamins:

  • We can’t maintain healthy red blood and nerve cells.
  • We can’t regenerate gluthathione which the liver needs.
  • We block the absorption of folate or folic acid; which can leads to anemia.

**Minimize the affects of alcohol by taking vitamin b supplements afterwards.


Detox/Diet– Everyone wants to look their best and unfortunately certain “fad” diets and detox practices can lead us astray. 1) Juicing is a common diet/detox but what a lot of people don’t know is that juicing highly acidic (citric) fruits (like apples, grapefruit, oranges, limes, etc.) increase our blood’s level of acid. Since we know that many ailments (such as tumors) feed off acidic cells, we should be cautious. 2) Another popular way of detoxing the body is to eat raw garlic and onions. Even though raw onions and garlic can help to “clean the blood” they are very toxic. Garlic contains tumorigens and molygdenum which is detrimental to our health.  A great alternative (for “cleaning the blood” is turmeric seasoning or fresh ginger). Please note that there is no such thing as a one-stop-shop to “detox the body.” Every human toxic has a specific remedy to get rid of it. Only a licensed symptometrist can guide us on the right path to get rid of each toxin.


Sports Injury Prevention– We usually enjoy the great outdoors more when there is warm weather. While exercise is always a great idea, we should prepare our bodies by eating scientifically. Our bodies loose a lot when we exercise so replenishment is key. Only a licensed symptometrist can help to achieve sports injury prevention by helping our muscles build collagen, strengthen our muscles by removing lactic acid, ionizing cell muscle shock and supplying natural energy.


Top 3 Diseases that affect Men and Women

There are a number of health ailments and concerns that disproportionately affect women. Knowing that men are an important part of the population, we’ll bring these same issues full circle to show how each topic can affect us all.

Depression At first glance, it may seem that men are not depressed as often as women. However,
a closer look via Symptometry 
provides key differences. This illness is often harder to diagnose in men due to several factors. For example, men tend to mask depression with anger or aggression, by self-medicating with recreational / illicit drugs or take up new negative behaviors. Gambling, aggressively working out and taking up sports are just a few of the new hobbies that can begin.
Women can also pick up self-destructive hobbies, but most often tend to struggle through their current work loads,  become withdrawn or ‘moody.’ They can also add new responsibilities (most often centered on caring for others or “fixing” something about themselves) to redirect attention. 
Luckily, there are lasting solutions through cell nourishment (diet), nurturing and ionization. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST ON DEPRESSION.
OsteoporosisDid you know women reach their peak bone mass at about age 18 while men reach theirs at 20? Did you know chocolate and athletics both play a role in making our bones more vulnerable to osteoporosis? While this disease is less often diagnosed in men because it is (unfortunately) thought of as “a woman’s disease;” genetics & diet both play a role in prevention and cure for both sexes. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST ON OSTEOPOROSIS.
Weight LossWhile body type and weight preferences vary from culture to culture, our weight and where it is heaviest on our bodies, has a lasting impact on our ability to stay pain, discomfort and disease free. Research shows that while men tend to prefer meat-rich diets, women often consume carbohydrate rich diets. Additionally, women tend to eat more when they face unfortunate circumstances and stressful situations; however, this does not have to cause weight gain. For example, in working to lose weight, both genders can avoid foods that retain water (i.e. watermelon). Learn more weight shedding best practices. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST ON WEIGHT LOSS.

Lessons Learned

This year has been filled with memorable moments and so many goodies along the way!

We loved connecting with our Symptometry family at symposiums in New York, North Carolina and Illinois. From curing multiple sclerosis to pain-free old age,  everyone shared their health woes and triumphs in a supportive environment. Join in on the fun by watching for upcoming events in your neighborhood.

That in-person warmth was also spread online. Connect with our growing virtual community HERE.

Our increased enrollments into the ASoS 6-month program showed that people want to go past helping their families and begin to help their communities. You can take advantage of the early bird special for our 2015 sessions HERE.

Delicious Cooking episodes showed quick recipe ideas that serve as alternatives to a lot of our dangerous but favorite foods. Stay tuned because next year we’ll focus on carbs, salads and so much more.

And we can’t forget Root Cause Radio. Our live, interactive health podcasts share a new way to overcome old health problems each week. Perhaps the best part of each show is the take-a-way that’s shared by our valued callers. Speaking of which, let’s see what our Power Shift winner, Leah, learned during our recent How to Prevent and Overcome Diabetes  show.

1) Have you ever taken advantage of Root Cause Therapeutics? Yes, I’ve been working with Dr. Charlie Abbott.  I just started my regiment this week.  It is too early for me to provide feedback on the particulates and molecules, but I can say that I am getting up to speed on the 45 foods to consume.
2) How do you use your Symptometry knowledge to help yourself, family or community?  I am sharing Symptometry with people I know who may be open, especially if they have ailments and/or they are conscious about what they eat.  My hope, is that soon people will see my complexion clear up and the loss of 15-30 pounds. Then, Symptometry will speak for itself.  I also hope to bring Dr. Nartey to Northeastern Ohio to introduce my community to root cause medicine, scientific eating, and scientific living.
3) How do you introduce Symptometry to your friends or community? (Ideas: through listening to Root Cause Radio, watching Delicious Cooking episodes, enrolling in the American School of Symptometry, etc.)  I provide them with the web address and the telephone number to call in and listen to root cause radio. Also,  I add them to the Facebook page.
4) What was the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from today’s show?  Eat cooked food! Or else the body has to work to warm the food and this takes energy that could be used for other things.
5) Feel free to include anything else that you think will help others on their journey to achieving optimal health.  At this point I cannot offer a testimony other than to say that I have been convinced of the benefits of Symptometry based upon what I have learned and read.  The testimonies that people have offered on Root Cause Radio made me a believer.  Added with the knowledge shared by the doctors, I am sold.  Although, I am technically considered “healthy” in that I do not have any major issues and my vitals tend to be exceptional by modern, western medicine standards, I look forward to achieving optimal health!

~Leah from Ohio

Winter Health Myths

The cold and flu season is here. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. We all know what is coming. Winter is coming. We’re aware of the common winter health myths but let’s debunk those with scientific facts.


Flu vaccines are necessary for everyone. Let’s keep in mind that vaccines were created to prevent specific ailments. If we are always eating “scientifically “ and taking care of our environments, then a flu vaccine might be less mandatory. If vaccines are a must, there are a number of foods to avoid,  such as apples, honey, chocolate, boiled eggs and orange juice, on the day of vaccination.


Aspirin prevents heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin thins the blood which makes it LESS LIKELY a stroke/heart attack will occur – true. However, why is the blood is so thick in the first place? Thick blood is dirty blood – the salts and chemicals from the foods and pharmaceuticals consumed are what make blood sluggish. A person who eats many processed foods (without preparing them scientifically) or has a high pharmaceutical take (6+ drugs/day) will need either aspirin to thin their blood or Symptometry’s particulates to remove the salts/chemicals completely.

Bonus health tip: cramps, spasms, & numbness are some of your cell’s first clues that blood is thick/dirty.


We only think we need more sleep when it’s cold, due to the weather. A lot of us realize that getting enough sleep is the NUMBER ONE way to fight off a lot of “cold season blues.” However, a number of us don’t realize which type of room is the best for sleeping. To build a strong immune system, we must sleep in a dark room (without nightlights, tv light, etc). This is the best environment for the body to repair itself at night.

Want to find out more health myths? Click here to listen to the podcast!
What always helps during the cold season? A cup of our hot favorites. Click the below video to watch an update on an old classic.

(Click here to take a survey and be heard now.)

Top 5 ways to Reduce Stress

If you’re like most of us, your schedule constantly leaves you asking “Where has the time gone?” As adults, we are often faced with time constraints, scheduling conflicts, emotional turmoil and so much more. And sometimes all this can happen in one day!

We’re here to help. Take advantage of these easy tips to reduce stress and  start overcoming the obstacles of each day.

The Top 5 EASY ways to reduce STRESS!

5) Prioritize – It’s not about just creating goals. This goes beyond deadlines because deadline driven objectives may not match your vision for life. We should create a vision for our life (what’s important to you, what could you add more of if you were in charge, what would you get rid of if you were in charge, etc.)

4) Choose hope – Being positive is more than just “thinking happy thoughts.” Try to choose a personal philosophy of hope and optimism. Repeat positive sayings in your head throughout the day (ex. “I am able. I am strong”). This mentally helps to prepare us for obstacles.

3) Creativity & Perspective – Often we think that focusing on the problem is the fastest way to solve it. This isn’t always a good idea because it’s human nature to think long & hard about problems. However, this often causes negative emotions to build up and we overlook the fact that “the solution to every problem lies within the problem itself,” (Dr. Maxwell Nartey). Focus on the components of the problem and realize that once you start to remove the components, you are literally solving the problem.

2) Smiling is optional – If you’ve ever been forced to smile “so that you can feel better” please stop. Forcing a smile INCREASES stress. Also, professing that “all’s well” when it’s not, creates a direct conflict due to unresolved issues and needs. Instead, excuse yourself for a few minutes to refocus on what is truly important to you.

1) B5 to the rescue – Eating natural foods high in B5 can help our body process stress in a healthy way. B vitamins do not offer our bodies the same results. Several foods that are rich in B5 and help rebuild neurotransmitters are trout, broccoli, lamb and small navy beans. Get the full list on our podcast by clicking below:

 Click here to listen to the entire stress-reducing podcast!

Top 3 Quick Foods That Are Dangerous

Enjoy tips and tools!

We all know the dangers of eating fast food and foods with tons of preservatives. But have you ever wondered about the quick foods that are often within an arm’s reach? If you haven’t that’s ok. Let’s take a look now. Here are:

The Top 3 quick foods that  aren’t safe!

3) Nuts and seeds: It can be very tempting to reach for a bag of sunflower seeds or almonds, cashews etc. when you’re at a vending machine. However, these snacks tend to carry high levels of estrogen which can be detrimental for anyone who suffers from a hormonal imbalance. Also the acid that they contain tend to lead to constricted blood vessels later in life. Here’s an alternative: dried fruit. If you will purchase the dried fruit, make sure that it doesn’t have preservatives or food coloring. When making dried fruit at home, place your fruit slices on a (greased) oven safe pan and bake until the fruit has dried out. Easy!

2) Canned veggies:  These are inexpensive and come in a variety, however there is a downside. Companies don’t have to mention all their preservatives on their label. Therefore, just because the canned veggie doesn’t expire until 5 years from now, doesn’t mean that there is only water in that aluminum can. Solution: choose frozen or fresh veggies instead. To learn more about fruits and veggies that are recommended please check out What to Consume or The Downside of Nutrition Part 1.

1) Canned Meats: From sardines to tuna, this is perhaps the easiest ingredient to make a quick meal after a long day. It’s obvious that fresh is best but sometimes convenience is key. The convenience is understandable but at what cost to our optimal health? Dangerous foods can also be canned foods. A great way to reduce the health disruptors is to do a thorough rinse before using. Need an example? No problem. Watch the Chicken & Chunky Potato Soup recipe and you’ll start to realize that the possibilities are endless when you choose canned meats.

Top 3 Immune System Boosters

Enjoy tips and tools!

We’ve all heard that positive thinking tends to be an immune system booster. However, when it comes to health problems, such a saying is easier said than done. Keep in mind, it’s not about becoming unrealistic about unfortunate circumstances. It is about approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. Here are some easy and powerful immune boosting tips that will get you started.

Perception – Do you ever find yourself focusing on what went wrong & talking down to yourself? You may be missing the very raw materials your cells use to allow positive thoughts. Be sure to connect with people and music that highlight the best. If you don’t have kidney problems, include more navy beans, lamb or goat meat in your weekly diet. For more help, connect with a symptometrist for help making the shift.

Communication–  Instead of internalizing your troubles, talk about them. Address those who attempt to dismiss your goals and talents directly. Also, put your feelings and concerns in a journal and connect live with an online support group, a local therapist, or a trusted individual. It is only when we communicate that we can be heard. (Click here to take the survey and be heard now.)

Practice– Being positive is about taking a proactive approach to life. Changing a negative thought cycle is a process that takes time. The good news: the mind is a powerful thing. Speak positive affirmations daily, such as “I am a force for good and in full control of my day.” These are easy immune system boosters. Also, be sure to surround yourself with others who are happily working towards their goals.  Remember:


“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


– Abraham Lincoln


Top 3 BBQ Tips


There are many thoughts of summer time memories but the one that rings dear is a revered social gathering known as a barbeque.

Even though this tends to be a favorite past time, in our quest for optimal health, we must look at food differently. Before we analyze the food on our plates, let us take a moment to review the purpose of food. Generally speaking, the purpose of food is to nourish our cells. With that said, let us move our attention to some key barbeque delights.

First, the most important feeding tool at any barbeque is our hands. Instead of constantly using hand sanitizers, we should get in the habit of using soap and water before we eat. No matter how nourishing the food will be, it will be tainted with germs if we don’t start here. Here are some top bbq tips.

1) Replace your pork chop with a lamb chopThe human body uses more energy to extract the nutrients from one serving of pork or beef vs. one serving of lamb or fish. Also, lamb meat is rich in heme iron. This is good news for anyone who suffers from not having enough iron in their diet.

If you are a BBQ guest, choosing pork products less often, helps our bodies sustain the energy and enzymes needed to continue to fight off ailments.

2) Help yourself to the right fruits– Perhaps the biggest caution is to be wary of fruits that have a high level of citrus acid. Most people immediately think of limes, lemons and oranges. However, berries and raw apples are some fruits that also carry a high amount of citric acid. The human body needs to sustain a balanced ph level and increased amounts of citric acid, breeds the grounds for illness. Also, focus on fruits that aid in digestion like mangoes and papayas.

3) Replace ketchup with mustard – The number one way to make a healthier bbq is presumably the easiest, with condiments. Mustard contains properties that help in fighting ailments. Ketchup, barbeque and even buffalo sauce don’t have those same qualities.

**These main bbq tips are just the beginning. There are a number of foods (and seasonings) that increase our optimal health. The challenge is to avoid the ones that add to our detriment.