Delicious Cooking

DeliciousCooking3It’s Time to Eat!
As we reach for optimal health through food choices, we must realize that temptations are everywhere. FOCUS ON THE PURPOSE of each recipe so that you will be able to have fun while avoiding ailments. Enjoy!
 Do you have poor circulation? Eating certain raw foods could be making matters worse!

 Snack Time?  Used to eating nuts? Easily create a new snack mix that’s more versatile yet still satisfying.
 Sugar minus Sugar?  Find a new way to reduce sugars with a tasty Ginger & Broccoli Stir-Fry!

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Gina Lucas

Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. I have the cookbook and really enjoy making some of the recipes but I really enjoy the videos. For some of us who are visual the Videos are a great help in learning and especially remembering the recipes. I hope you will continue to add Videos it’s a wonderful addition to Symptometry! I am an avid follower of Symptometry and truly believe you are making a huge difference in this world! THANK YOU!!!

Symptometry Headquarters

Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate you and everyone else who can focus on the goal of each video. We are helping people to slowly transition away from chaotic eating. You’re right, learning to eat scientifically is not hard at all. Thanks and stay tuned for more videos! =)