Winter Health Myths

The cold and flu season is here. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. We all know what is coming. Winter is coming. We’re aware of the common winter health myths but let’s debunk those with scientific facts.


Flu vaccines are necessary for everyone. Let’s keep in mind that vaccines were created to prevent specific ailments. If we are always eating “scientifically “ and taking care of our environments, then a flu vaccine might be less mandatory. If vaccines are a must, there are a number of foods to avoid,  such as apples, honey, chocolate, boiled eggs and orange juice, on the day of vaccination.


Aspirin prevents heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin thins the blood which makes it LESS LIKELY a stroke/heart attack will occur – true. However, why is the blood is so thick in the first place? Thick blood is dirty blood – the salts and chemicals from the foods and pharmaceuticals consumed are what make blood sluggish. A person who eats many processed foods (without preparing them scientifically) or has a high pharmaceutical take (6+ drugs/day) will need either aspirin to thin their blood or Symptometry’s particulates to remove the salts/chemicals completely.

Bonus health tip: cramps, spasms, & numbness are some of your cell’s first clues that blood is thick/dirty.


We only think we need more sleep when it’s cold, due to the weather. A lot of us realize that getting enough sleep is the NUMBER ONE way to fight off a lot of “cold season blues.” However, a number of us don’t realize which type of room is the best for sleeping. To build a strong immune system, we must sleep in a dark room (without nightlights, tv light, etc). This is the best environment for the body to repair itself at night.

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