Lessons Learned

This year has been filled with memorable moments and so many goodies along the way!

We loved connecting with our Symptometry family at symposiums in New York, North Carolina and Illinois. From curing multiple sclerosis to pain-free old age,  everyone shared their health woes and triumphs in a supportive environment. Join in on the fun by watching for upcoming events in your neighborhood.

That in-person warmth was also spread online. Connect with our growing virtual community HERE.

Our increased enrollments into the ASoS 6-month program showed that people want to go past helping their families and begin to help their communities. You can take advantage of the early bird special for our 2015 sessions HERE.

Delicious Cooking episodes showed quick recipe ideas that serve as alternatives to a lot of our dangerous but favorite foods. Stay tuned because next year we’ll focus on carbs, salads and so much more.

And we can’t forget Root Cause Radio. Our live, interactive health podcasts share a new way to overcome old health problems each week. Perhaps the best part of each show is the take-a-way that’s shared by our valued callers. Speaking of which, let’s see what our Power Shift winner, Leah, learned during our recent How to Prevent and Overcome Diabetes  show.

1) Have you ever taken advantage of Root Cause Therapeutics? Yes, I’ve been working with Dr. Charlie Abbott.  I just started my regiment this week.  It is too early for me to provide feedback on the particulates and molecules, but I can say that I am getting up to speed on the 45 foods to consume.
2) How do you use your Symptometry knowledge to help yourself, family or community?  I am sharing Symptometry with people I know who may be open, especially if they have ailments and/or they are conscious about what they eat.  My hope, is that soon people will see my complexion clear up and the loss of 15-30 pounds. Then, Symptometry will speak for itself.  I also hope to bring Dr. Nartey to Northeastern Ohio to introduce my community to root cause medicine, scientific eating, and scientific living.
3) How do you introduce Symptometry to your friends or community? (Ideas: through listening to Root Cause Radio, watching Delicious Cooking episodes, enrolling in the American School of Symptometry, etc.)  I provide them with the web address and the telephone number to call in and listen to root cause radio. Also,  I add them to the Facebook page.
4) What was the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from today’s show?  Eat cooked food! Or else the body has to work to warm the food and this takes energy that could be used for other things.
5) Feel free to include anything else that you think will help others on their journey to achieving optimal health.  At this point I cannot offer a testimony other than to say that I have been convinced of the benefits of Symptometry based upon what I have learned and read.  The testimonies that people have offered on Root Cause Radio made me a believer.  Added with the knowledge shared by the doctors, I am sold.  Although, I am technically considered “healthy” in that I do not have any major issues and my vitals tend to be exceptional by modern, western medicine standards, I look forward to achieving optimal health!

~Leah from Ohio

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