Top 5 ways to Reduce Stress

If you’re like most of us, your schedule constantly leaves you asking “Where has the time gone?” As adults, we are often faced with time constraints, scheduling conflicts, emotional turmoil and so much more. And sometimes all this can happen in one day!

We’re here to help. Take advantage of these easy tips to reduce stress and  start overcoming the obstacles of each day.

The Top 5 EASY ways to reduce STRESS!

5) Prioritize – It’s not about just creating goals. This goes beyond deadlines because deadline driven objectives may not match your vision for life. We should create a vision for our life (what’s important to you, what could you add more of if you were in charge, what would you get rid of if you were in charge, etc.)

4) Choose hope – Being positive is more than just “thinking happy thoughts.” Try to choose a personal philosophy of hope and optimism. Repeat positive sayings in your head throughout the day (ex. “I am able. I am strong”). This mentally helps to prepare us for obstacles.

3) Creativity & Perspective – Often we think that focusing on the problem is the fastest way to solve it. This isn’t always a good idea because it’s human nature to think long & hard about problems. However, this often causes negative emotions to build up and we overlook the fact that “the solution to every problem lies within the problem itself,” (Dr. Maxwell Nartey). Focus on the components of the problem and realize that once you start to remove the components, you are literally solving the problem.

2) Smiling is optional – If you’ve ever been forced to smile “so that you can feel better” please stop. Forcing a smile INCREASES stress. Also, professing that “all’s well” when it’s not, creates a direct conflict due to unresolved issues and needs. Instead, excuse yourself for a few minutes to refocus on what is truly important to you.

1) B5 to the rescue – Eating natural foods high in B5 can help our body process stress in a healthy way. B vitamins do not offer our bodies the same results. Several foods that are rich in B5 and help rebuild neurotransmitters are trout, broccoli, lamb and small navy beans. Get the full list on our podcast by clicking below:

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