Top 3 Quick Foods That Are Dangerous

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We all know the dangers of eating fast food and foods with tons of preservatives. But have you ever wondered about the quick foods that are often within an arm’s reach? If you haven’t that’s ok. Let’s take a look now. Here are:

The Top 3 quick foods that  aren’t safe!

3) Nuts and seeds: It can be very tempting to reach for a bag of sunflower seeds or almonds, cashews etc. when you’re at a vending machine. However, these snacks tend to carry high levels of estrogen which can be detrimental for anyone who suffers from a hormonal imbalance. Also the acid that they contain tend to lead to constricted blood vessels later in life. Here’s an alternative: dried fruit. If you will purchase the dried fruit, make sure that it doesn’t have preservatives or food coloring. When making dried fruit at home, place your fruit slices on a (greased) oven safe pan and bake until the fruit has dried out. Easy!

2) Canned veggies:  These are inexpensive and come in a variety, however there is a downside. Companies don’t have to mention all their preservatives on their label. Therefore, just because the canned veggie doesn’t expire until 5 years from now, doesn’t mean that there is only water in that aluminum can. Solution: choose frozen or fresh veggies instead. To learn more about fruits and veggies that are recommended please check out What to Consume or The Downside of Nutrition Part 1.

1) Canned Meats: From sardines to tuna, this is perhaps the easiest ingredient to make a quick meal after a long day. It’s obvious that fresh is best but sometimes convenience is key. The convenience is understandable but at what cost to our optimal health? Dangerous foods can also be canned foods. A great way to reduce the health disruptors is to do a thorough rinse before using. Need an example? No problem. Watch the Chicken & Chunky Potato Soup recipe and you’ll start to realize that the possibilities are endless when you choose canned meats.

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