New Year New You

So many of us make new year’s resolutions that we hope to keep.

Let’s focus on the top three building blocks for lasting success:

  • Daily scientific eatingEating scientifically means you are not just counting calories, but you are also giving your cells enough time and raw materials to build the kind of an enzyme surplus that will help prevent disease. Step One: limit or avoid citric acid in beverages & food products. Step Two: limit or avoid corn & nuts in food products. Step Three: Learn the diseases that run in your family and limit or avoid the health disruptors that trigger them. If you need help grocery shopping or menu planning, add the books, What to Consume or Delicious Cooking to your library.
  • Practice Self-CareWhether we are family caregivers, neighbors, parents, etc. we often choose to (or need to) put the needs of others above our own. Unfortunately, neglecting our mental, emotional and other health needs adds to the breakdown of the very person entrusted to care for someone. Use daily positive self-affirmations and weekly intake of either lamb, bison, or small navy beans to maintain your mental health.
    For emotional health, remove all sources of negativity, create 15 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself daily, and start a weekly creative exercise such as writing, drawing or volunteering. Bonus: the weekly intake of lamb, bison or small navy beans (you enjoy to boost your mental health) have the raw materials needed to boost your emotional strength as well.
  • An Attitude of Gratitude- When there are too many troubling life events, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with sadness or even helplessness. In those moments (or days) of frustration, remember that all solutions are already within you. Write down ten things you are grateful for right now (life, the ability to think for yourself, your favorite color or childhood memory, etc.). Choose to say these ten things out-loud whenever life gets overwhelming.

This exercise will lift your spirits and help you create the positive energy needed to see your way out of the situation. After all, “Too many people depend on outside sources for happiness. While everyone experiences trauma, we must choose to focus on the joys in life to overcome them,” Dr. Maxwell Nartey (founder of Symptometry). 

 Healthy Longevity Within Your Reach


Through Symptometry we now know that one of the main causes of illness is malnourished cells. Unfortunately, toxic cells reproduce each other, which create the perfect breading ground for serious ailments. To ensure healthy longevity in your family take advantage of:

(1) Root Cause Radio Weekly Podcasts

(2) Online Disease Prevention Program at the American School of Symptometry (CLICK HERE NOW)

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