Our Health Panel

Thanks to Symptometry’s Root Cause TherapeuticsTM,

no disease is incurable!

 Each week, Root Cause Radio brings our listeners the facts on the many areas of our lives that prevent health and prolong disease. Hosted by optimal health enthusiasts, the /Root Cause Radio panel will always feature at least one licensed symptometrist to help us share the secrets of optimal health.

Every symptometrist is thoroughly trained to work in partnership with the cells of anyone with ”the will to live” to restore optimal health.

Join us 8p EST every Wednesday night to hear these therapeutic scientists and their special guests share the secrets of optimal health! You can even secure your spot for a free 15-minute telephone consultation today.

Dr. Maxwell Nartey, symptometrist, Symptometry headquarters, Greensboro, health care, root cause therapeutics, therapeutic scientist, symptomety

Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DHM, NHD, DSym

20 Years Experience Delivering Root Cause TherapeuticsTM

Licensed Symptometrist Since 2007

Founder of Symptometry

Doctor of Symptometry, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, Doctor of Natural Health

Symptometry Headquarters: Westchester, IL  

Phone: (708) 691 – 4977

Dr Charlie Abbott, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, symptometrist, Wanek Medical Center, Greensboro, health care, root cause therapeutics, therapeutic scientist

Dr. Charles Abbott, OMD, LSym

14 Years as Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Symptometrist license in good standing since 2012

American School of Symptometry, Director of Administration

Phone: (336) 456-9183




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