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Have you been looking for answers to your health problems or better results for your natural health journey? Welcome to Root Cause Radio!

“Root Cause Radio” airs every Wednesday at 8p EST/7pm CST.

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We are honored to have the founder of Symptometry Dr. Maxwell Nartey – and other therapeutic scientists on our weekly health panel. You’ll want to tune in 8p EST each Wednesday night for deeper discussions on the DISEASE REVERSAL TOPICS of your choice with NEW RECIPES and meal plans for disease prevention.

Sponsored by the American School of Symptometry, each 60-minute broadcast will not only offer root cause therapeuticsTM’ solutions to pressing health concerns, but also have TIME FOR YOUR QUESTIONS and offer a way to connect directly with the doctors and symptometrists of your choice. Go ahead & invite a friend to listen in with you!

Dr. Henry Y. White

How do I play the shows that I missed since I teach a class on Wednesday nights?
I pressed the play arrow but the show would only play for 20 seconds ad then stop.

Symptometry Headquarters

Great question Dr. White. Feel free to click above on the specific show that you would like to hear. You can also visit “www.blogtalkradio.com/symptometryradio” in order to hear all the previous podcasts. I hope this helps. =)

Lyndia Brathwaite

Hello for the past year and a half I have experienced episodes where I have experience shortness of breath that comes on suddelnly and when Im in a state of rest. My Dr told me that it was due to allergies. This went from allergies tp allergic asthma to asthma/copd to pulmonary distress to a heart attack. I am 54 years young 5’7″ 130 lbs. I drink a lot of H2O vegan diet I lift weights yoga and pilates..My Drs have ran so many tests however, everyone has cone back negative. They cant figure what is causing my shortness of breath.. Im going for a third oppinion in a few days.. I was hospitalized on 9/22/15, 10/13/15 in ICU, 4/13/16 ICU heart failure… Can you help me find the root cause… I would greatly appreciate your advice on this matter

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